Dental unit AJ12 hanging/top mounted type of the delivery system

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* Real product color can differ from color on your monitor.
  • System «Ergomotion» - coordinated movement of the backrest and seat of the dental chair. 
  • System of the safety – blocking movement of the patient chair when handpieces are active 
  • Articulating headrest 
  • Rotatable water unit with rotatable ceramic spittoon 
  • Rotatable right armrest and left armrest 
  • Silicone mat on the dentist element with hanging type delivery system 
  • Silicone mat on the assistant element 
  • Water filter, air pressure regulator with filter 
  • Integrated ejection type suction system (saliva ejector (water) and high volume evacuator (air)) 
  • Three way syringe on the dentist and assistant elements 
  • Pure water system for the dentist element (bottle for pure water) 
  • Low-voltage safety water heater 24V 
  • X-ray viewer 24V 
  • Round foot control with on\off switch water supply to the instrument 
  • Shadowless dental light Lamp II with sensor 
  • Dental stool with plastic base AJAX02 
  • Packaging dimensions: 1420x1020x1150mm 
  • Net weight: 260 kg, Gross Weight: 290 kg
1. Power supply  
 Voltage  220V ± 10%
 Frequency  50 ± 1Hz
 Power  400W
 Type of the shock protection  Class I
 Degree of the shock protection  Type B
2. Dimensions
Dimension of the package 1420х1020х1150mm
Net weight 260 kg, gross weight: 290 kg
3. Shadowless dental light Light I

Number of modes of the light 

2 modes
Lamp 50W, 12V, (Osram 64602 50W 12V G6.35 M/134, 1000 lm or Osram HALOSTAR Standard 64440 UVS 50W 12V GY6.35 klar, 910 lm, or Bi Pin Halogen 60440 50W, 12V, GY6.35 )
4. Aspiration system
Saliva ejector  Water dynamic ejector
Water consumption (liters per minute) No more than 5
Suction rate (pressure in the water supply is not less than 3 bar) ot less than 600 milliliter per minute
High volume evacuator Air dynamic ejector
Suction air (litter per minute) 40 – 45
5. Working condition
Temperature +5С˚ ~ +40С˚
Relative humidity 30÷80%
Atmospheric pressure 86÷106 kPа

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Instructions for use AJ12

pdf (1394 кB)