Dental unit AJ18 hanging/ top mounted type of the delivery system

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The model AJ18 is the flagship model of the dental unit Ajax. 80% part of the model AJ18 are manufactured by European and American developers: FARO, ISA, LINAK, METASYS, Optima and other.
This model is equipped with Danish motor LINAK, dental light FARO EDI with a sensitive adjustment of the light intensity, high-qualities pipes and the easy removable suction filter. Design of the dental unit AJ18 is unique and there are no similar dental units of other brand. The junction box of this model is at the base of the patient chair. The base is the massive metal slab which allows to use dental unit without fixation to the floor. Stability is the strong point of the all dental unit AJAX.

  • System «Ergomotion» - coordinated movement of the backrest and seat of the dental chair. 
  • Noiseless electromotor “Linak” (Denmark) 
  • System of the safety – blocking movement of the patient chair when handpieces are active 
  • Solenoid valves SMC (Japan) 
  • Articulating headrest 
  • Rotatable water unit with rotatable ceramic spittoon 
  • Rotatable right armrest and left armrest 
  • Silicone mat on the tray of the dentist element 
  • Silicone mat on the assistant element 
  • Glass autoclavable spittoon on the rotatable plastic base 
  • Water/Air/Power one switch control 
  • Water filter, water pressure regulator with filter 
  • Air filter, air pressure regulator with filter 
  • Integrated ejection type suction system (saliva ejector (water) and high volume evacuator (air)) 
  • Easy removable suction filter 
  • Build in disinfection system 
  • Three way syringe on the dentist and assistant elements 
  • Pure water system for the dentist element (bottle for pure water) 
  • Low-voltage safety water heater 24V 
  • X-ray viewer 24V 
  • Multi-functional foot pedal with the ability to control the movement of the chair and the water supply to the cup filling and washing spittoon 
  • Shadowless dental light FARO EDI (Italy) 
  • Dental stool with plastic base AJAX03 
  • Packaging dimensions: 1670х1060х1200mm 
  • Net weight: 290 kg, Gross Weight: 315 kg
1. Power supply  
 Voltage  220V ± 10%
 Frequency  50 ± 1Hz
 Power  400W
 Type of the shock protection  Class I
 Degree of the shock protection  Type B
2. Dimensions
Dimension of the package 1670х1060х1200mm
Net weight 290 kg, gross weight: 315 kg
3. Shadowless dental light FARO EDI

Mode of the light 

Smooth adjustment of the illumination
Lamp PHILPS 14623 95W G6.35 17V UNP(1CT), 2000hur, 2150 Lm
Voltage 17V
4.Electric motor LINAK (Denmark) =24V, noise level 48dB
Working mode short-time (10%)
5. Aspiration system
Saliva ejector  Water dynamic ejector
Water consumption (liters per minute) No more than 5
Suction rate (pressure in the water supply is not less than 3 bar) ot less than 600 milliliter per minute
High volume evacuator Air dynamic ejector
Suction air (litter per minute) 40 – 45
6. Working condition
Temperature +5С˚ ~ +40С˚
Relative humidity 30÷80%
Atmospheric pressure 86÷106 kPа

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Installation manual AJ18

pdf (621 кB)