China may be different! 

There is a common misconception that all Chinese products have low quality and being manufactured at the “back yard” of Chinese market or in the "garage". But there are different manufacturers in this country where everyone can build anything from IPhone to a space rocket. However, there is a huge difference between factory-assembled (in good conditions, with specially trained people, service, quality control and its own warehouses for storage) and cheap but poor quality "garage" assembly.

Dental units assembling at AJAX Medical Group factory ”Garage” assembling of Chinese dental units
Сборка на заводе AJAX   Гаражная сборка 
Сборка на заводе AJAX Гаражная сборка
Сборка на заводе AJAX Гаражная сборка

All those who truly understand dental units know that breakdowns occur not only in Chinese, but also with Brazil, Korean and even expensive European dental units. No one is immune from defects and can not guarantee to a customer full confidence in their absence. However the advantage of Chinese dental units is that they are much cheaper to repair than others, for example, to repair the valve at Chinese unit cost in the average from 500-1 000 rubles (17 – 30 USD). Repairing a valve in European dental unit will cost you 5000 - 10 000 rubles (160 – 300 USD) which is quite expensive and it's just a valve. Plus, almost all companies offer a warranty only for a year after which all the damage will fall on your shoulders and wallet.

Company "Anhel Trading" 100% confident in our partner AJAX Medical Group. We have visited their factory in China and watched the entire production process of dental equipment many times. Moreover, products are fully certified and comply with international standards CE 0197, ISO 13485:2003, Gosstandart.
Another important factor which leaves no doubts in AJAX dental units quality is that they are being sold all over the world: Europe (UK, Italy, Germany, Romania, etc.), Middle East (Turkey, UAE), and North and South America (USA , Canada, Mexico), and the CIS countries. As well as the absolute advantage is the extended warranty for a period of 2 years, which allows you to exchange parts in case of warranty at no additional cost.
Summarizing all the above, the conclusion that all Chinese products have low quality do not correspond to present reality and AJAX company's products are the ones to confirm that.