Dental-Expo Volgograd 2015

The biggest in Russia Dental Forum "Dental-Expo" was held from March 24 to 26. Anhel Trading participated there together with Crystal Stoma, its regional dealer.

The dental unit AJ-11, presented on the Crystal Stoma’s exhibition stand, is exclusively imported in Russia by Anhel Trading. This dental unit is very popular, as it has all the necessary equipment for the comfortable work of dentists.

AJAX 11 gained a very good reputation of the self-sufficient model, capable of performing all the necessary tasks. It is a perfect combination of low market price, high quality of assembly work, and long-term guarantee service. This dental unit can become an excellent assistant tool and irreplaceable help for dentists who just began their practice, as well as for professionals with rich experience, accustomed to rely upon time-proven options.