Ajax Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. has received one of the most prestigious certificates in the world!

Dear colleagues and partners, we are keen to share joyful news!

Ajax Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is certified in accordance with FDA standards. FDA safety certificate, recognized worldwide, is an indicator of high production standards and confirmation of the quality of products on the international level. We also want to note that Ajax Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is the only company specializing in the production of dental units in China and Hong Kong that is awarded with this certificate.

     FDA (Federal Agency for Food and Drug Administration) is an international safety certificate that confirms the safety of the product. The confirmation is based on a great number of criteria. It includes even the test on radioactive safety. This government agency directly reports to the United States Department of Health. FDA authorized auditors certify companies around the world. It gives the possibility to guarantee quality at the state level.

A lot of food products and pharmaceuticals are made in the USA for export. The supervision of these products is less strict than of the products made for the domestic market, in which case FDA supervision is especially severe.

     FDA International certificate is one of the most prestigious and difficult to obtain, since its presence gives Ajax Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. the possibility to deliver products to the US market, well-known for its high standards.

The company representatives have fulfilled all the necessary conditions to obtain the certificate. The technology level of production site is highly advanced and has a full compliance with GMP standards (General Manufacturing Practice). Besides, Ajax products have scientific profile which confirms their quality and safety.

High quality of Ajax Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. products was confirmed only after a thorough comprehensive analysis of chemical, microbiological, technological, radiological and medical data.

Thus, thanks to the FDA certification, Ajax dental units can be spread not only in the USA, Canada and Australia, but also in many other countries that accept the FDA certificate as high-status.